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Welcome to, the best freelancing platform in Africa, number 1 in Nigeria. Approved and registered with Nigerian government through Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Solidly built for internet users who are seeking for a reliable platform to work and earn money with their phones. is a website where you can make money on the go, doing the normal things you usually do for free. It is a website where you earn money responding to problems shared by other members on the platform. Most times, our friends, families or even strangers ask for our advice about challenges they are facing and we offer that for free. is now providing a platform where you make money by giving advice to the challenges and problems shared by other members on the site. Everyday, people share different challenges they are facing on, it could be about Relationship, Business, Religion, School, Family, Society or Travel... all you need to do is to go through the challenges (questions) and comment with what you think they should do. Isn't that simple? You can also share your own challenges or problems and make money ... meaning, buys problem. Either ways, you can always make money sharing your personal problems or problems faced by people you know and also make money by providing advice or solution to problems other members shared.

You fit don dey comment on something other people shared on social media for years and nobody ever give you 1 kobo. You don share plenty things too on social media and you never make 1 kobo from it. It is time to share all your wahala and your friends dem wahala on SelfPaid and make cool money. On some special days, with just 1 comment, you fit make N20,000.

The truth is, apart from the money you are going to be making, there are lot of lessons to learn. SelfPaid go help you grow mentally, financially, socially and educationally.You no need to refer anyone before we pay you. If you refer person, you go make extra money, but we dey pay everybody the same day. Person wey no refer person go get paid, Person wey refer person go get paid. For every person wey you refer, you go make extra money. No be by force to speak English on the site, if English no gree you, abeg speak Pidgin.