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Our Mission


Business Objective

SELFPAID NIG aims to create an online environment that will significantly boost self-employment, promote education and reduce the amount of valuable time young Nigerians waste being addicted to social media. The website also aims to help individuals build a career, alongside business people seeking information on expansion, companies wanting responses to their products and services, students or anyone seeking for advice to make best life choices, and people needing relationship advice.

Financial Freedom

SELFPAID NIG is making it possible for every member of its platform to acquire knowledge on different areas of life and to make use of our affiliate program to make much money. Making a passive income to start a new business or meet pressing needs is possible for all of our members who can avail of our affiliate program. Through our article submission and question-and-answer, referrers' commission on activity earnings and more, SELFPAID.ng members are presented with multiple means of making money on the platform and we believe this will boost self employment to millions of Nigerians